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About Us

Ekal Abhiyan, the umbrella organisation, consists of three main areas, literacy (Ekal Vidyalaya), village development (Ekal Gramothan), leading towards integral growth of villages, and healthcare (Arogya Foundation of India & HFRI in USA).


Increase awareness of health by healthcare education, healthy lifestyle practices, healthy sanitary habits, diagnose and treat common diseases in Ekal villages, provide platform for medical research, inspire young pre-medical students to learn rural and tropical medicine.


To provide and promote preventive and curative quality healthcare in remote and tribal villages in India, provide research for the benefits for rural and tribal health, and connect West to East.

HFRI at Grassroots - Arogya Foundation of India

Arogya Foundation (AFI) is a non-profit organization that works to make people in rural India self-reliant and self-sufficient in regard to all aspects of their health.

It is a part of Ekal Abhiyan for Healthcare in 54,000 Ekal villages all over India. AFI organizes medical camps, Seva Yatra (medical help in Ekal Villages during natural calamities), inspires Philanthropic physicians to join our mission, helps to inspire and connect NRI to their motherland for seva.

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