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About Us

Ekal Abhiyan, the umbrella organisation, consists of three main areas, literacy (Ekal Vidyalaya), village development (Ekal Gramothan), leading towards integral growth of villages, and healthcare (Arogya Foundation of India & HFRI in USA).


  • To see each and every villager in the remote and tribal India (Where Ekal is working ) aware of - healthy lifestyle and importance of health

  • Knowledge of common diseases and availability of its medicines

  • Resource for referral to tertiary centers if necessary,

  • Provide and promote medical research platform


  • Connect West to East

  • Medical help during calamities in ekal villages

  • To provide and promote preventive and curative healthcare

  • Healthcare awareness and education,

  • Training and research for the benefit of Rural and Tribal India

HFRI at Grassroots - Arogya Foundation of India

Arogya Foundation of India is low cost, effective, preventive and curative, quality health care through awareness, health education with emphasis on sanitation, nutrition, personal hygiene, maternal and child healthcare, communicable diseases and creates awareness for the national health programs. The program are as follows:

  • Helps HFRI medical initiative and helps medical students to do research in the villages of India.

  • Health care education and life style changes.

  • General medical camp twice a year in the villages.

  • Treats anemia in women and children.

  • Treats EV's full time worker's health problems.

  • Inspires medical personnel to join this health movement.

  • Provides platform for medical research.

  • Extends medical help in natural calamities.

  • Helps HRFI medical internship initiative.

  • Refers villages appropriately for the major illnesses.

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