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Attending annual meet - India 2019

As we sail through this voyage in service of Bharat Mata, we urge again and again to that higher energy to bless us with strength, courage, purity, unselfishness, humbleness and ability to stand alone and together.

How many times we get challenged when we start something new but with the loving support and positive energy we are not only able to sustain the work but progress in our endeavors.

Anemia Control Program

Anemia is the world's second leading cause of illness and India is among the countries with one of the highest prevalence (70%-80%) of anemia. It is estimated that about 20%-40% of maternal deaths in India are due to anemia. The alarming number of women suffering from Anemia in rural India is 86.5%, inspired us to start a program to control Anemia in Ekal Villages.Arogya Foundation of India Aims to reduce the prevalence of Anemia in Ekal villages.

Arogya Sevika and Sanyojika

In India, a large number of people live far without nearby access to modern health facilities. A worker trained in health awareness, arogya sevika, plays a pivotal role to bring the much needed healthcare to the village. The arogya sevika is trained to prevent and treat common ailments like anemia, malaria, diarrhoea, mal-nutrition, skin diseases, etc. with available resources. There is one Arogya Sevika for every 5 villages and one Arogya Sanyojika per every village.

Chikitsa Seva Kendra (CSK)

To take care of the needs of secondary and tertiary health problems of our full time Karyakartas and villagers we have planned Karyakarta Chikitsa Shayata Kendra. This is going to be a referral centre for our above mentioned patients. A large number of specialist doctors are willing to be associated with Ekal Abhiyan. Karyakarta Chikitsa Shayata Kendra of AFI will refer the ailing Karyakartas to these doctors.

Medical Internships

The first HFRI M.I.I. for premedical students was held at Ranchi in October - November 2015. Nine students from well known universities in USA joined this program, in India. The program was mentored by Dr. Hasmukh Shah, Sri Dinesh Modh, Dr. Veena S. Gandhi from USA, while Dr. Madjukar Bhatt and Dr. Mukul Bhatia participated from India. Dr. Vivek Pradhan, father of one of the students, also joined us for the inauguration. After completion of this pilot project, all involved experienced immense satisfaction and joy.

Other Activities

  • General Medical camps

  • Setup Chikitsa Seva Kendra in Ranchi

  • Provides solution to the specific health problems of rural people needing secondary and tertiary health services and long term treatment at reasonable costs.

  • Provide healthcare services to Ekal Karyakartas to sensitize and help reduce their healthcare costs.

  • Assist the local Government to run their Primary Healthcare Centers where possible

  • Health (Swasthya) Seva Yatra

  • NMO partnership organized Health Seva Yatras, one in seven states of the northeast in June 2014, Jammu Kashmir in Sept-Oct 2014, and Jharkhand in January 2015, totaling 28 medical camps.

  • Hold Camps in emergency situations like flood, earthquake, etc.

  • Preventive Health Initiative: Like soak pit, toilet, etc.

  • Expert (Naishnatya Varg and Naipunya Varg)

  • Naishnatya Varg had instruction on insect control, nutritional garden, sanitation, rainwater harvesting, antenatal care, snake bite treatment, worm infestation, organic farming, and government health schemes, RTI.

  • Naipunya Varg: education was conducted in Jammu Kashmir for western zone and at Puttaparthy for Southern Zone.

HFRI at Work

Medical camps organized and conducted by Arogya Foundation of India