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HFRI - Premedical Internship Initiative (M.I.I.)

The first HFRI M.I.I. for premedical students was held at Ranchi in October - November 2015. Nine students from well known universities in USA joined this program, in India. The program was mentored by Dr. Hasmukh Shah, Sri Dinesh Modh, Dr. Veena S. Gandhi from USA, while Dr. Madhukar Bhatt and Dr. Mukul Bhatia participated from India. Dr. Vivek Pradhan, father of one of the students, also joined us for the inauguration. After completion of this pilot project, all involved experienced immense satisfaction and joy.

Application for HFRI internship for 2016-17 is now closed.

12 university students from various part of USA will participate in HFRI medical internship at Ranchi from Dec 27, 2016 - Jan 07, 2017.

Participating interns from HFRI

Disha Sood

  • Ph.d. Student - Tufts University


Tej Desai

  • Saint Louis University


Roma Pradhan

  • Second Year - MIT


Hashini Pyata

  • Second Year - Georgetown University


Rishabh Shah

  • Second Year - University of Texas


Tanay Hardikar

  • Third Year - Temple University

Preksha Bhagchandani

  • Second Year - MIT


Avni Dalal

  • Third Year - University of South Carolina


Ayush Shah

Program Gallery

HFRI - Medical Internship Initiative (M.I.I.)